Top 10 Deficiencies for Assisted Living Homes

1: Medication Services: Frequency = 149

  • Medication must be stored in a separate locked room, closet, cabinet, or self-contained unit used only for medication storage.

2: Environmental Standards: Frequency = 145

  • Poisonous or toxic materials stored by the assisted living facility are maintained in labeled containers in a locked area separate from food preparation and storage, dining areas, and medications and are inaccessible to residents.

3: Medication Services: Frequency = 94

  • Ensure that medication is administered in compliance with a medication order.

4: Residency and Residency Agreements:  Frequency = 89

  • Before or at the time of acceptance of an individual, the individual submits documentation that is dated within 90 calendar days before the individual is accepted by an assisted living facility. If an individual is requesting or is expected to receive supervisory, personal, or directed care services documentation must include:
  • level of care the individual is receiving
  • documentation is dated and signed by a medical professional

5: Service Plans: Frequency = 76

  • A caregiver or an assistant caregiver must documents the services provided in the resident’s medical record

6. Residency and Residency Agreements: Frequency = 62

  • Resident must provides evidence of freedom from infectious tuberculosis before or within seven calendar days after the resident’s date of occupancy.

7: Medication Services: Frequency = 60

  • If an assisted living facility provides medication administration, a manager shall ensure that medication administered to a resident is documented in the resident’s medical record.

8. Directed Care Services: Frequency = 57

  • A manager of an assisted living facility authorized to provide directed care services shall not accept or retain a resident who, except as provided in R9-10-814(B)(2); is confined to a bed or chair because of an inability to ambulate even with assistance.

9. Environmental Standards: R9-10-819(A)(6); Frequency = 55

  • A hot water temperatures must be maintained between 95 F and 120 F in areas of an assisted living facility used by residents;

10. Personnel: Frequency = 53

  •  A manager, a caregiver, and an assistant caregiver, or an employee or a volunteer who has or is expected to have more than eight hours per week of direct interaction with residents, provides evidence of freedom from infectious tuberculosis, on or before the date the individual begins providing services at or on behalf of the assisted living facility.
  • Emergency and Safety Standards: A disaster drill for employees is conducted on each shift at least once every three months and documented;